Four More Years

Last election, I was in Japanese literature class in Tokyo, Japan. Pretending to take notes on Murakami-Fitzgerald parallels, I was texting back and forth with the other Americans in the class, trying to contain our jubilation as Obama slowly made history with every state he took. Japan got that something significant had happened, but it was the shared looks with my study-abroad cohort that communicated the gravity and wonder of what had happened.

This year, I watched the whole thing unfold from home- on Twitter at the office, on NPR driving home, and with Facebook, FiveThirtyEight, the Big Board, and hell, more Twitter. It’s been a different experience than before– more visceral, more real-time, and more of a shared experience with the people I know and love.

Four years ago, we elected an ideal. This year, we had to settle for electing a pretty awesome guy trying to sort out the hardest job in the world. There have been plenty of missteps, and a few moments I can’t forgive him for, but at the end of the day, I’m happy to have a president that believes in our innovative spirit and the rights and dignity of every American.

Good luck, buddy.