The Cost of an ACL: $376 a Minute

Interesting and disturbing:

To get a better idea of where the surgery costs come from, I’ve included the overall breakdown below. These are just the costs from the day of surgery itself. I’m not counting MRIs, physical therapy, or extra medications


  • Every minute I spent in the operating room cost $376
  • Every minute I spent in the post-anesthesia care unit cost $99

Those are some pretty staggering numbers when you think about it. The cost per minute of being in the operating room with the staff on-hand is nearly one third the cost of space tourism!

In fact, I can’t think of many other venues or activities which can even come withinan order of magnitude of that cost.

So what accounts for the cost? My med school friends tell me that hospitals will over-bill the insurance for these sorts of things “because they can.” Apparently a lot of the cost will cover other parts of the hospital operations, like staffing and management expenses.

(Calv via Hacker News)