Black Rock Roller Disco Wins "Attitude of Rattitude" Award.

The Black Rock Roller disco sets up a beautiful skate rink for disco fiends and beginners alike, and this year my friends and I camped with them and ran a game of Artemis in a geodesic dome right next door.

Apparently the Disco had a bit of trouble with MOOP last year, but this year they won an awesome leave-no-trace award from the Playa Restoration Crew!

The Black Rock Roller Disco’s green score this year is the definition of a well-earned achievement. Playa Restoration honors The Godfather and his amazing playa family witha Resto for their Attitude of Raditude. We love you and your dance floor, and are proud of everything the Disco brings to our city.

I could not have wished for a better first burn than camping with the roller disco right on 7:30 and Esplanade.

If you'd like to meet and skate with these wonderful people somewhere other than an inhospitable desert, they're throwing a Roller Disco Party (Facebook) (Brown Paper Tickets) next Friday, 9/27 at the Mission Women's Center.