BUG: Government occasionally shuts down

Logged on Whitehouse / FortyFour by davatron5000:

I noticed a bug over the past week or so and it seems reproducible:

  1. Go to U.S. Government.
  2. U.S. Government is shut down.

Expected results: Government should be working.

I'm unable to debug or propose a fix since there's not an open, transparent stack trace. Conflicting error messages are being thrown as well.

Hope you can resolve this soon. It would seem that the U.S. Government would value 100% uptime in order to be a reliable and trustworthy source for the rest of the world.

Thanks! Love this project and would like to continue using it.

Ha. The comments are pretty good as well:


I looked into the 'Constitution' module and it's shot to hell. The original base had little or no supporting documentation, leading to various conflicting interpretations of the desired functionality. What's worse, it's been patched like crazy, and some of these patches even contradict each other (for example, amendments 18th and 21st). Recommend re-factoring the entire code base, incorporating the more useful patches (such as amendments 15th,19th) into the baseline.


This version of Government is not available in my location. I use the Britannia build. It looks to be fully functional. Maybe you should try forking that?


I think I found the problem

while(congressIsFullOfAssholes) { };

Source: Github