Come to Startup Weekend EDU in San Francisco, Nov. 22-24!

*NOTE: *Current educator? Come to our free pre-event, all about translating classroom skills into entrepreneurial/startup environments. November 7th at the TFA offices. Register here!

I've developed a bit of an event-organizing addiction, and this quarter I'm helping put together a Startup Weekend EDU event in San Francisco:

This isn’t just a hackathon. Hackathons produce products or features; Startup Weekends produce new ventures. These could take the form of a new startup, or an internal venture incubated by a school. Here's the basic structure of the weekend:

Friday night is all about networking and the pitches. Those with an idea who are brave enough will stand in front of 120 strangers and give a 1-minute elevator pitch to the crowd. Teams form organically around the most compelling pitches, and then spend the next 48 hours (minus sleep and our delicous catered food) hacking away on your product and business plan.

Saturday and Sunday are work days – you and your team validate the problem, market, and customer, ideate and iterate relentlessly, and prototype your team’s solution.

Sunday night is the jury panel. Seasoned startup veterans will scrutinize MVPs to evaluate your chances of real world success, and the most promising product will win its team a grab bag of great tools to launch your company. From there? Well, it’s all up to you. Startup Weekend EDU can only help you start your dream. It’s up to you to live it out.

Whether you are a teacher, a developer, a designer, or just want to make something happen, we hope you join us! This isn't just a fun chance to hack and network; several of our organizers are currently working at companies they started at SWEDU events.

Our event will be November 22nd-24th, with tickets on sale for $99 and selling fast. Our whole event is non-profit and volunteer run, so the ticket sales basically all go to fund the venue and delicious food. If you are a current professional educator, email me for a pretty steep discount.

Find the event site at