YogaGlo attempts to patent back-of-the-class Yoga videos

Frontpaged on Hacker News today (and apparently not an Onion article):    

As you may have heard, YogaGlo recently received a patent for one very specific way to create yoga class videos for online streaming. Although we issued a statement containing the facts about this patent a few months ago, many yoga organizations, publications, blogs, teachers and students continue to share false and misleading information about what it all means. The misplaced disdain that has been directed toward us, our teachers, and parts of the yoga community is extremely unfortunate and has created fear within the yoga community.    

The critical elements of the patent include:

  • A line of sight corridor between the rear area of a class and the instructor in the front of the class

  • An image capturing device located in the rear area with an unobstructed view of the instructor, to provide a participatory view through the line of sight corridor; 

  • Students in a class, facing the instructor, distributed across the classroom between the instructor position and the image capturing device wherein the students do not block the corridor.

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. Links: