NewGenius: RapGenius for the News

RapGenius, the popular-but-huh? social rap lyric annotation service, has expanded into news stories, and it's pretty darn nice. Apparently NewsGenius has been around since last May, but I just discovered it today through the WSJ, where Farhad Manjoo describes using the site to pick apart Snapchat's defensive post on their user info leak.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 19.45.21

Community commentary is in orange, and can be voted on, shared, or responded to in pop-ups, while annotation from "verified scholars" (journalists or subject-matter experts, presumably) is called out in green. The orange comments run the gamut from fact-checking to lolcats, but the voting system at least keeps them entertaining, and the green "verified" annotations are consistently high quality. Go check it out!