Kevin Rose's Potrero Hill Home Protested

I use Nextdoor, a social network for neighborhoods. After this story about a protest at Kevin Rose's house created a heated thread in the Potrero Hill community, Kevin hopped in to respond.

Hi everyone, Kevin Rose here. I feel it's necessary to post, as I see a bunch of misinformation here. Some things to know about me:

I agree w/ the protestors on many points, as you can see that I mentioned on @kevinrose (twitter).

I wasn't home when they arrived, my wife was freaked out (as you can imagine) and I rushed home. I then sat outside with them, they stopped chanting, and we had a conversation for 15 or so minutes. Rocks through tech buses, people throwing up on buses (last week) are not productive ways to have this conversation. 

Re: the comments on Diggnation. For those that haven't seen the show (the show ended several years ago), this was a weekly comedy show. Over the years we shot hundreds of episodes, with thousands of jokes, sometimes funny, sometimes odd, sometimes crude. This was the bulk of my mid-20's. I'm now 37, and looking back on those videos, we said a lot of dumb things. Many years ago I made a comment about retaliation when a guy gets kicked in the balls. It was based on a Kubrik / Clockwork Orange reference, but the joke wasn't funny, at all. I apologized years ago for that comment and do so again today. Certainly someone was digging very deep into the archives to try and resurface something I said so many years ago.

One of the commenters suggested that Kevin should make more public commitments to charity organizations:

Not sure exactly what there is to be said here. As I'm sure you know, Philanthropy is a very personal decision, some of the largest tech donors I know tend to donate anonymously. For me, my focus has been on areas outside of SF, folks that are much worse off than us. I've been a Charity Water Well donor for the last three years. This is a small group of people that collective fund the operating budget for Charity Water. We offset these costs so that 100% of public donations go directly to providing people w/ clean water. For me (and this is a personal decision), I believe clean drinking water is a basic human right, one that needs to be solved globally. 

This guy had what was probably a pretty stressful day, and I admire the levelheaded response, as well as the candor around the diggnation comments. It was also a really fun moment of online/offline, getting a more intimate perspective on the story than through Twitter or SFGate. If you're part of the Potrero Hill community on Nextdoor, you can read the full thread here.

My favorite line, though, is public on twitter:

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 7.17.20 PM

*Update: *I'm as frustrated with SF housing as anybody, but these bus folks are pretty silly / pretty scary:

*Our action is the opening of a new front in the war against gentrification. We announce that any further incursion into the Fruitvale will not be tolerated. If the employees of Apple or Google attempt to replicate what they did to the Mission here, the backlash will be ten times more potent. Like the Mission, the Fruitvale hosts a large latino population… If you start to displace them once more, do not be surprised when hundreds of people in balaclavas mobilize to displace you. *

The group demanded that "Google give three billion dollars to an anarchist organization of our choosing" before a revolution occurs that "neither you nor we can control, a revolution that will spread to all of the poor, exploited, and degraded members of this new tech-society and be directed towards you for your bad decisions and irresponsible activities."