Riyarchy: Visual Debate Trees

Riyarchy starts with a compelling pitch:

Riyarchy organizes the arguments of significant debates into argument trees, finds out which arguments have been defeated, and shows the logical conclusions entailed.

I love the flat black-and-white UI and visual argument tree. It even has useful flags like"Citation Needed," and can highlight which branches of a debate are currently undefeated by refutation:


Unfortunately, the creators go a little off the rails with vision:

Join us, as we construct the argument trees that will end global debates, and ultimately progress humanity.


Applying this system to issues that have been debated in the public sphere for decades will bring light to the so-called controversies, and allow us all to bring an end to them.

I would love to use a private distribution of this in the classroom– a forensics society would get fantastic use out of it. It would also be great for product roadmapping, as a way to identify the most strategic paths for a company to build into, or even (with some heavy modification) to support a management-consulting profit hunt-style case study.

As a public tool, it's attacking an interesting market in between existing knowledge solutions: more structured than Wikipedia, which flattens out its knowledge, or Quora, where you get a grab bag of answers without any real standards attached. It also handles fuzzier and more complicated questions than Stack Exchange, which frowns on any sort of threaded back-and-forth. 

The content up now is actually pretty decent, but the pessimist I am, I fear that Riyarchy will become either a spam-ridden bucket of bad writing and trolls, or an abandoned wasteland. Here's hoping I'm wrong, because it's very cool project. Start contributing here.