Selling my Car with Carlypso

I moved to the mission a few months ago, and between the atrocious/expensive parking, Lyft/Uber price wars, and a Zipcar lot across the street, I realized I no longer needed my Honda Fit.

My initial thought was to rent it with Getaround, which I did for a few weeks, but after their 40% cut and taxes on the income, you only net a few bucks an hour, and still deal with all the mental overhead of parking, maintenance, and knowing someone is out there driving your car.

So I decided to sell, and serendipitously, the day I went to post to Craigslist I saw an ad for Carlypso come up on Product Hunt. Carlypso takes a startup-y approach to car sales:

  • They inspect your car, install a lockbox and GPS, and list it for you. You give them a signed title and release of liability.
  • Buyers test-drive your car without you needing to be there.
  • Carlypso arranges a sale, takes 5% (minimum $400), and sends you a check for the rest.

I decided to give it a shot, and submitted my car on the website. A day later, I got a call explaining the service, and a couple days after that, their awesome mechanic was out to check out my car. He turned it on, made sure all the blinky things blinked, and noted the couple scratches around my bumpers from city life.

Two weeks later, I got a text:

Hi David, I have a test driver we are sending out at 10:30 to XXX Utah St, San Francisco. Let me know if this is a problem, otherwise we will keep you posted, thanks!

A day later, they texted me to let me know the buyer liked the car and was putting down a deposit. A week after that, they emailed me a completed release of reliability, wired through the money, and I never saw my Fit again.

Even after their fee, Carlypso ended up getting me about 5-10% than going rates on Craigslist (and thousands more than dealer rates), without the hassle of meeting up with buyers and haggling over price. Nick, Gary, and the rest of their small team were all fantastic to work with, and they provide stand-in-place insurance and cover your deductible in case anything happens to the car while it’s listed. YMMV on price, but assuming your car is in decent condition, my guess is that carlypso prices are probably competitive with a good craigslist sale.

I’m now carless and loving it, and with all the car-ownership alternatives out there, I expect we’ll see a lot more people ditching their once-a-week drivers. If that’s you, give Carlypso a look.