PagerDuty: Hiring for All the Things!

Along with our big $27.2M raise, we’re hiring for all sorts of stuff here at PagerDuty, technical and non-technical alike.

There are all sorts of positions open on our jobs page, but here are some selected ones:

Senior Product Manager (SF):

This one’s on my team! We’re looking to round out our small product group with an experienced (4+ years) PM eager to build out our product and platform. You should love data-backed decision-making, user-centric design, and solving hard problems, as well as understanding that great products aren’t made by giving customers what they ask for, but what they need. Feel free to contact me directly if you want an inside look at how our team works– we’re really excited to bring on the perfect person for this role.

Data Engineer (SF):

You’ll be playing an integral role in building tools and infrastructure to clean, store, explore, and report on the data we have here at PagerDuty. We are looking for an engineer who is not afraid to get their hands dirty with all parts of the data warehouse code base — we solve problems using Ruby, Python, Pandas, JavaScript, SQL, BigQuery and Google Apps Script.

Operations Engineer (SF):

As a seasoned ops expert, you understand the importance and impact that good operations can have on the rest of a product and the positive ripple effects that it can have across an entire engineering organization. You have written vast amounts of code and have solved multiple problems by automating your way out of them. You have replaced yourself time and time again with your code. We don’t require any experience with any particular technology, but you should have good knowledge of at least one scripting language, (Ruby, Perl, Python, etc), and have used at least one config management system (Puppet, Chef, Ansible) before.

Realtime Engineer (SF, Toronto):

You’ve worked on distributed and highly available systems. You’ve had experience with different system architectures, and have opinions about what works and what doesn’t. Concepts like consistency, availability, real-time dispatching, and distributed queueing aren’t merely buzzwords for you, and you’ve worked on enough mission critical software to know that reliability comes from a fault-tolerant design checked by an extensive test plan.. You should have a broad background in CS fundamentals, know your way around a RDBMS, and ideally be somewhat familiar with NoSQL tech and use cases.

Senior Software Engineer (SF):

We’re building out our long-term architecture and that involves designing, implementing, and maintaining new services and APIs for our users, both internal and external. You know what good and bad architecture looks like, and you want to be able to spread good architecture wherever you go. You understand the complexities of designing systems that are robust, and the trade-offs required to build something that many can use.

Senior Website Marketing Manager (SF):

Are you a Marketing Rockstar with experience managing revenue-generating B2B websites and shaking up the digital marketing world? We are looking for an accomplished marketer who will help lead PagerDuty’s website. That means you are the person responsible for strategy, planning & execution of all PagerDuty’s web properties and website programs to accelerate revenue, effectively target existing and new markets, and building model for conversion and efficiency. You are a key player in driving direct revenue for the company through ecommerce, as well supporting a fast-growing sales organization that needs a growing number of qualified leads.

Account Executive (SF):

I’ve never worked with such a great sales team as we have at PagerDuty. We’re looking for smart, driven closers with technical B2B experience to help organizations learn about and succeed with PagerDuty. The good news is our product is amazing and practically sells itself; the bad news is that means the bar gets set high. If you’re up for a challenge, reach out.

Desktop Support Administrator (SF):

You’ve helped countless people solve problems. Around the office, you are known as the ‘Fixer’ because you somehow know how to address every issue that has ever been presented to you. You are able to track common issues and then get to the root cause of the problem, saving yourself, and your customers, valuable time. You know how to lay out IT infrastructure such that it is there when people need it and it does not break. You know nearly every OS X keyboard shortcut under the sun. You are familiar with the tools and software used to manage desktop machines for any environment.

Any of these interest you? Ping me and let’s chat, or apply directly. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about working here, or put you in touch with somebody in any of the departments.