Statwing, barriers, and data culture

Statwing is a YC company that makes a fast, lightweight cloud stats package. Take any data set, drag it in, pick a couple variables, and it will do some basic descriptive stats and correlation. I’ve been using it a lot for work recently.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 07.57.24
Sure you can get at this stuff with Excel, SPSS, or R, but running stats takes time, and it’s so convenient to have a tool tell you in 10 or 20 seconds which relationships are worth investigating further. Sharing links are also a nice bonus– it’s easy to paste the results into a wiki page with a source link back to Statwing.

Most organizations are good at making hard things possible; between SQL, log search tools (Splunk, Sumologic, etc), and other monitoring software, the data you need probably lives in there somewhere. But we rarely think about making the simple things easy. Engineering/ technical staff time starts around a dollar a minute these days, and it’s easy to justify a tool that saves your employees hours a week and opens up stats workflows to people who otherwise aren’t familiar with the procedures.

Statwing removes barriers to data conversations, and getting those conversations going is the first step in building a data-centric culture.