Mad Pitches 2: Perfect Fury

Girlfriend wanted to see Pitch Perfect 2. Male friends wanted to see Mad Max. Naturally, we all went to a double feature.

Pitch Perfect 2

Great singing, as expected, but even better writing. Kay Cannon wrote for 30 Rock as well as the original Pitch Perfect, and the movie is a nonstop mix of deadpan one-liners, SNL-like whimsy, and perfectly timed slapstick. I think (modulo people are snowflakes, modulo don't generalize about gender) women are generally better than men at comedy writing, as they better walk the line between a cheap, easy laugh and being demeaning, offensive, or just plain gross. See: Girls, 2 Broke Girls, New Girl, Portlandia, Bridesmaids.

Mad Max: Fury Road

As my friend Tadhg put it, "an intense superbly paced insane visually amazing adrenaline rush." The team managed to pull off a two-hour post-apocalyptic explosive car chase, without anything getting tired or repetitive. It was also refreshing that in this age of heavy-handed computer graphics everywhere, the vehicles were all fully drivable cars. Using real models for sci-fi doesn't just look good in the present, it future-proofs the movie as well. Star Trek: The Next Generation had a much easier time moving from video to 1080p Blu-Ray because most of its space models were based on miniatures, whereas Deep Space 9 would require expensive re-rendering to remaster. Note: We saw it in 2D, but it feels like it was really born for 3D IMAX.