Hi, I'm David Shackelford.

I'm a product manager at PagerDuty, a platform that helps technology operations teams keep their systems up and running. I've been there a few years and shipped all sorts of stuff on all sorts of teams, but I'm particularly proud of the work I did on our reporting features and mobile apps. It's pretty awesome, and we're always hiring.

Before PagerDuty, I worked at a small edtech company, Education Elements, and prior to that I was a math teacher in the Teach for America corps.

Teaching has had a profound impact on me — not just by creating a passion for addressing educational inequity, but also by surfacing some profound truths about how people learn and grow in complex and challenging situations. Whether it's creating resilient and adaptable plans, building deep, human relationships, or working in quick, iterative cycles with fast feedback, I use lessons from the classroom daily in my work as a product manager.

I'm not looking for full-time opportunities at the moment, but am always up for interesting conversations and connections. In particular, I'm interested in:

  • Lightweight, unpaid consulting for anybody trying to start an educational or other social-good venture. I'm happy to sanity-test ideas, share connections, or otherwise help out.
  • Career counseling for people from unconventional backgrounds trying to get into product management. I have a special place in my heart for support agents, salespeople, UX designers, and other folks that combine deep user empathy with deep product knowledge— I think these people are underrepresented in the PM field.
  • Opportunities to speak, write, or just have a conversation about devops, agile, diversity + inclusion practices, effective interpersonal communication, or some combination of the above.

Email is the best way to reach me: davidshackelford@gmail.com. I usually reply to any non-spam email within a week or less unless I'm traveling or otherwise indisposed.