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Secret iPhone Repair Tools

Despite its seamless construction, apparently Geniuses can repair seven components on the iPhone 5s at the the store – the speaker, receiver, vibration motor, iSight camera module, battery, sim ejector tool, and the display.

Touch ID works with Non-Finger Body Parts

9to5mac has collected a few videos showing the new ID scanner in the iPhone 5S working on toes, a nose, a cat's paw, and even a (male) nipple.   See the rest of the

iPhone 5 Embargo Breaks

Gruber: It feels great, looks great, has the best display I’ve seen at any size, runs noticeably faster, networks noticeably faster, is way thinner and lighter than any of its predecessors, takes

Time to Trash the Roku Box

*Update: *Two and a half years later, I use the Roku daily, and don’t touch the Apple TV. Between Amazon video and Plex, the ecosystem on Roku is just so much better.