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Isle of Man TT 2013 Claims First Life

The world's most dangeous motorcycle race has taken its 21st victim: "ACU Events Ltd regrets to announce that Japanese rider Yoshinari Matsushita, 43, was killed during the qualifying session at the 2013 Isle

Y.N. Rich Kids - "My Bike"

This video by Y.N. Rich Kids makes me so happy. Great production values, great message, and these little kids have some amazing flow.   It looks like these are the same kids that

Dezi Meets Mt. Tamalpais

I've named my new motorcycle Dezi, though it's still up in the air whether it stands for Desiree or Desdemona. Either way, I took this glorious Sunday and taught myself how to ride

Objects of Lust: Custom Super Cub

I got a motorcycle recently, and as with any new hobby, objects of desire must follow. This step-through bike was rebuilt with an extra reinforcing bar in the frame, modern components, and gobs

Students Punished for Biking to School

So, um, this happened: As high school seniors get set to walk commencement, toilets are exploding, lockers are getting graffitied and doors are getting super-glued…but a decision by Kenowa Hills seniors to