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The Calvin Hobbes Remix Brigade

Calvin & Hobbes defined my childhood, and a recent spate of remixes has been warming my heart. Calvin & Hobbes / Star Wars by James Hance. I have this framed in my bedroom. The

Keyboards and Assembly Lines

There’s some great writing out there on how technology interacts with education, but every now and then I see something that really misses the mark. This episode: Edukwest, “With the Coding Hype

Test-Driven Education

When we teach students math, algebra in particular, we generally tell them, “check your work.” It just occurred to me that this is similar to software testing. Testing in software (ish): Write a

Toward Land's End: SF's Quiet West Side

There’s a great article up at Roads and Kingdoms about the Sunset and Richmond districts, an area of SF that’s loved by natives but often overlooked by transplants. I grew up

More Bootcamp Misunderstanding

Every now and then another article pops up about the rise of the coding bootcamp. This month it’s the Times: While skeptics say a few weeks at boot camp is not enough