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Tickets for Tables at Alinea

I love it when a business gets in the weeds about their financials (Buffer is my favorite example). I also love seeing old-school monopolies disrupted, like Louis CK did with direct-to-customer video and

Announcing Aftershock Fusion, June 6-8 2014

Me and some friends are organizing another dance event. This one won't be a huge, 600+ person hotel weekend like Fusion Exchange, but a smaller, community-focused jam hosted at local venues in San

Dance Instruction in San Francisco, CA

101506355780574023306612924019137175954511611_n" title="420636_10150635578057402_330661292401_9137175_954511611_n" /> I’ve been dancing swing, blues, and fusion since 2008, and teach and DJ at a variety of weekly venues in the Bay Area.

Mission Complete; Law School Disaster Exposed

I’ve been following “Inside the Law School Scam” for years. A brave, long-running hit on the perfect storm of weak job market, rising tuition, and rampant denialism in the law school market,