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Goodbye, John Nash

Nothing from college made more of an impact on me than learning Game Theory— a branch of economics focused first on modeling behavior of perfectly rational humans making decisions with different, interconnected payoffs,

Paul Graham, Scott Adams, and Ideas

Two writers I didn't expect alignment from: Scott Adams, 2010, on the Internet buzz about the prospect of a Dilbert movie: Evaluating whether an idea is good enough for a movie is a

Selling my Car with Carlypso

I moved to the mission a few months ago, and between the atrocious/expensive parking, Lyft/Uber price wars, and a Zipcar lot across the street, I realized I no longer needed my

Uber as Car Ownership Alternative

Great article on Uber’s market opportunity, and why it might be 5X the $17b it was just funded at: Could Uber reach a point in terms of price and convenience that it