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Announcing Aftershock Fusion, June 6-8 2014

Me and some friends are organizing another dance event. This one won't be a huge, 600+ person hotel weekend like Fusion Exchange, but a smaller, community-focused jam hosted at local venues in San

Startup Weekend EDU

54 hours of edtech madness! I’m still recovering from our event a few weeks ago, where 160+ educators, entrepreneurs, developers, and designers got together to launch education-focused ventures in a single weekend.

Come to Startup Weekend EDU in San Francisco, Nov. 22-24!

*NOTE: *Current educator? Come to our free pre-event, all about translating classroom skills into entrepreneurial/startup environments. November 7th at the TFA offices. Register here! I've developed a bit of an event-organizing addiction,

Before Summersonic

Right before I left Japan, I got a chance to do a little promo with Naked Communications at Summersonic, a huge music festival right outside Tokyo. One of the perks (other than the