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The Four-Hour Dentist

Congratulations! The fact that you’re reading this book means you’re on your way to achieving your WILDEST DREAMS. You want to be a dentist? I’m going to make it happen.

If Inception Was About Management Consulting

If you haven't seen Inception yet, get on it. Leonardo DiCaprio takes a taxi to an insidiously nondescript office building. He rides the glass-walled elevator to the eleventh floor, and as he walks

A Fixie of Hipsters and Other Collective Nouns

Half a glassful of optimists: More beautiful illustrations here. Other (unillustrated) favorites: A hush of librarians A fixie of hipsters A knot of string theorists A sneer of critics A torrent of pirates

Animal Review on the Nutria

Animal Review passes witty judgment on earth's various fauna. Today: the nutria, a 22-pound rodent overrunning the Mississippi delta. To say that nutria are fugitives is no exaggeration. Since their introduction to New