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Tracking Reading Statistics on the Kindle

Maybe inspired by the Advanced Analytics project I recently finished at PagerDuty, I’ve gotten very interested recently in tracking how I spend my time. One thing I’d like to do is

Kindle Voyage Impressions

I’ve had my Kindle for several years now, and I love it. A Kindle doesn’t just let you read in peace, it makes you read in peace – no push notifications, no

Why I'm Not Getting a Paperwhite

No page-turning buttons. Really, Amazon? I love my 4th-generation Kindle, and now it looks like I might have gotten the last version before they took the buttons away for good. Completely agree with

Kindle Touch Reviewed by Ars

Ars Technica: If you plan on taking a lot of notes or doing anything else that requires typing, the extra cost of the Touch will be money very well spent. But if your