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A Legal Analysis of Jay-Z's 99 Problems

Associate Professor of Law Caleb Mason lays down a (presumably) legally sound, highly readable analysis of just what was up with that cop pulling over Mr. H.O.V.A. in verse 2:

Students Punished for Biking to School

So, um, this happened: As high school seniors get set to walk commencement, toilets are exploding, lockers are getting graffitied and doors are getting super-glued…but a decision by Kenowa Hills seniors to

Pastafarianism in the Military

This makes me happy: There are strict rules about what non-military texts you can posses during boot camp. They only allow one book, and it must be a holy book from your religion.

Judge Eviscerates Mass Bittorrent Lawsuits

TorrentFreak: In his recommendation order the Judge labels mass-BitTorrent lawsuits a “waste of judicial resources.” For a variety of reasons he recommends other judges to reject similar cases in the future. One of