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The Truth About FPS

Today I learned some interesting stuff about the frame rates of different media: There’s no biological basis for humans preferring 24fps to higher frame-rates: it’s purely familiarity. Viewing 30fps content next

Two Posts on the Fermi Paradox

My old favorite, from Wait But Why: An even more advanced civilization might view the entire physical world as a horribly primitive place, having long ago conquered their own biology and uploaded their

Coffee != Rocket Science

I’ve been waiting for someone to articulate this thought better than I ever could: No barista champion, brewer’s cup finalist, supercomputer controlled precision-engineered coffee contraption, or Michelin starred chef is going

Seth Roberts Dead

From his excellent blog on n=1 experiments and skeptical thinking: Hello, this is Seth’s sister, Amy, with the sad news that Seth died on Saturday, April 26, 2014. He collapsed while