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Japan Denies Benefits to Permanent Residents

This is like every employee at a company paying into a pension fund, and the pensions only being paid out to the managers. The Supreme Court ruled July 18 that foreigners living in

Teacher Tenure Ruled Unconstitutional in California

Whoa: A California judge ruled Tuesday that teacher tenure laws deprive students of their right to an education under the state Constitution and violate their civil rights. The decision hands teachers’ unions a

Heartbleed and the Power of Names

Great marketing perspective on the recent OpenSSL exploit: Remember CVE-2013-0156?  Man, those were dark days, right? Of course you don’t remember CVE-2013-0156. The security community refers to vulnerabilities by numbers, not names.

Kevin Rose's Potrero Hill Home Protested

I use Nextdoor, a social network for neighborhoods. After this story about a protest at Kevin Rose's house created a heated thread in the Potrero Hill community, Kevin hopped in to respond. Hi

TSA Pre√ Eligibility

Okay, so conspiring against your company or killing someone is a permanent disqualifier– fair, expected. But you can commit rape, arson, or kidnapping, wait five years, and speed through screening? Even worse, you