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Monitorama 2014

I just got back from Monitorama 2014 in Portland. I wrote about it on the PagerDuty blog, and took some pictures of the foggy coffee-haven that is PDX:

Five Reasons I Love Portland

I'm in Portland for Monitorama right now, and reminded of all the little things that make me love this town: 1. There is a bike assembly station at the airport, with a tuning

Celebrating Portland's New TriMet Line

Portland had a big party Saturday in Pioneer Square, celebrating the new TriMet Green Line. They had a great music lineup, including a better-than-expected trip-hop girl (first video), and rocking blues and jazz

Saturday Market

Saturday market is a wonderful mashup of food, music, and art, more chaotic than Pike Place in Seattle, and larger than the street fairs in San Francisco. The Setagaya street fair in Tokyo

New House

*Update 1/29/2015: *I can’t believe how much you got in Portland in 2009 compared to what you get in the SF Mission in 2015. No student deserves a house this