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Debt vs. Capital

In software we often talk about a metaphor of "debt": decisions we make now that save immediate time or effort, but that compromise a system or product's design in some way. What makes

Everybody is autistic when it comes to specs

I recently found a fascinating article by an autistic wikipedia author on Hacker News. It's very well-written, but what stood out to me the most was a section on failures in communication: In

The "Product Sense" Interview

Because we're still a relatively small organization, it's important to us that product ownership isn't just a one-person job: our engineers, designers, and other R&D staff are all stewards of our

Paul Graham, Scott Adams, and Ideas

Two writers I didn't expect alignment from: Scott Adams, 2010, on the Internet buzz about the prospect of a Dilbert movie: Evaluating whether an idea is good enough for a movie is a