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Everybody is autistic when it comes to specs

I recently found a fascinating article by an autistic wikipedia author on Hacker News. It's very well-written, but what stood out to me the most was a section on failures in communication: In

Attention, Focus and Flow in 2014

I've been thinking a lot recently about attention, flow, and focus. My first encounter with the idea of protecting attention was Merlin Mann's classic "Who Moved My Brain?" deck (or video if you

Magic: The Gathering for Anarchists

Frog SkinsĀ is a collectible card game for two players. Each player brings a deck of 5 cards, and plays them one at a time against the other players deck. Also, the cards

You Are What You Learn

From Scott Adams' often-wonky but always thought-provoking blog: Have you ever wondered who you are? You're not your body, because living cells come and go and are generally outside of your control. You're

Parisian Women and Behavioral Economics

Psychology is also at work when you look at the women of Paris. The principle at work here is the assumption of style and the amplification of grace. Because you are in Paris,