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Math Tracking Decisions at SFUSD

I taught all levels of math at Aptos Middle School, from remedial pre-algebra and basic arithmetic up through students two levels above the norm, finishing sophomore Geometry by the time they graduated eighth

Toward Land's End: SF's Quiet West Side

There’s a great article up at Roads and Kingdoms about the Sunset and Richmond districts, an area of SF that’s loved by natives but often overlooked by transplants. I grew up

Beards of San Francisco

Interesting project– my chin-scruff is nowhere near the glory of some of the beards on the page, but I’m still happy to be a part of it. See all the beards here.

Uber as Car Ownership Alternative

Great article on Uber’s market opportunity, and why it might be 5X the $17b it was just funded at: Could Uber reach a point in terms of price and convenience that it