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Black Hat 2014 Talks

If you’re looking for a scare, just give a few of these a watch. Or read this deck from Billy Rios’ not-yet-released talk on TSA vulnerabilities.

Heartbleed and the Power of Names

Great marketing perspective on the recent OpenSSL exploit: Remember CVE-2013-0156?  Man, those were dark days, right? Of course you don’t remember CVE-2013-0156. The security community refers to vulnerabilities by numbers, not names.

TSA Pre√ Eligibility

Okay, so conspiring against your company or killing someone is a permanent disqualifier– fair, expected. But you can commit rape, arson, or kidnapping, wait five years, and speed through screening? Even worse, you

Don't Call 911

I'm enjoying the writing on Medium* more and more. This horrifying story has been making the rounds on Facebook: I live in a new gilded age in a golden city. But sometimes the