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Incestuous Dexter (He's Married to Deb!)

Today I learned that the actors playing Dexter Morgan and his sister Debra are real-life hubbie and wife. On that subject, if you're not watching Dexter, you should be. You can stream the

Glee and Copyright Law

In one recent episode, the AV Club helps cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester film a near-exact copy of Madonna’s Vogue music video (the real-life fine for copying Madonna’s original? up to $150,

Unanswered Lost Questions

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. CH delivers, and how. Besides the one about what Ben takes from his hiding place (isn't it the C4?), they're all pretty legitimate questions.

'Lost' No More

I spent a while trying to put together my thoughts on the Lost finale, but I think the New York Times did it better than I could: There were three reasons to watch