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Debt vs. Capital

In software we often talk about a metaphor of "debt": decisions we make now that save immediate time or effort, but that compromise a system or product's design in some way. What makes

The Dribbblisation of Design

Inside Intercom is up there with Signal v. Noise as one of my favorite company blogs: Only one of these weather apps is attempting to solve the real problem. Much of the product

Good UX for Text-Input Placeholders

My buddy Jeremy just posted a cool UX pattern for placeholder text in input fields: I like the idea of using placeholders as labels, so to solve the inherent UX problems my solution

You Had Me at "Not Automated"

A few days ago, I signed up for a trial of New Relic's app-monitoring service, but didn't do anything. Today, I found this in my inbox: emailnot_automated" title="Newrelic_email_not_automated"