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The Beginning of the End

My time as a Waseda exchange student is over, and we marked the occasion with (what else?) a big drinking party. Unlike most, though, this one featured my buddy Takumi leading a rousing

Waseda Computer Lab, 5:45 AM

When you completely gate off your campus at night and close down all the buildings save one computer lab, it ends up looking like this: While I was grateful for a place to

Is Waseda Worth It?

So you're thinking about coming to Waseda, huh? It sounds pretty good on paper; it's the best private school in the country (and school ranking means a lot here), you'll get an "international

Really Cool Waseda / SILS Resource

I just stumbled on a very cool little website called Laura at Sodai (早大, a contraction of 早稲田大学).  She's a second-year student in SILS, the international school into which all the exchange students